Happiness is just a scratch away

In the current campaign for Illinois Lottery, O'Keefe Reinhard & Paul focuses on Claude, the cute hamster who literally scratches the nerves of his owners.


When Claude is not sitting in his cage, the hamster practices his favorite pastime - scratching. And, much to the chagrin of his owners, he does so on pretty much any object that gets between his little claws. The partner of its owner is visibly annoyed by this. So on Christmas morning, when the owner briefly leaves the room, he steps up to the hamster's cage to finally put an end to all the scratching. What at first looks like the hamster's last hour has come turns out to be the perfect solution for everyone involved: the visibly delighted hamster receives a Christmas present in the form of a lottery ticket placed in the cage - with plenty of space to scratch away.

In addition to television and online videos, the campaign included the interactive website Watchclaude.com launched, on which the hamster can be observed in his daily hustle and bustle.



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