Steve Carell shows what Christmas is really about

Normal measures - and normal Christmas presents - are simply not working in this pandemic year. Steve Carell, or rather Santa Claus, has also recognized this.

“The Greatest Gift” _ Xfinity 2020 Holiday Commercial 0-36 screenshot

In the latest Christmas commercial from Comcast's Xfinity brand, Santa calls for an emergency zoom meeting, only to tell his helping elves at the last minute that the "usual" gifts just won't cut it this challenging year. Something else has to give, and yesterday is best. As soon as the boss logs off, panic sets in and the elves begin feverishly searching for alternatives.

Finally, one of the elves has the brilliant idea: all the family moments that make up the festive season are captured, packaged - and distributed by drone in a Corona-compliant manner. Santa Claus remains critical until the last moment, but is convinced in the end. After all, it's the little things that are important - as well as being together and believing in the good.


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