Cloudy with a view of clementines

BBDO Russia is campaigning against food waste for the furniture store Ikea - and took inspiration for the campaign from an animated film.

IKEA - Waste (BBDO Russia, 2020) 0-23 screenshot

It has now been eleven years since the animated film "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" was released. In it, the protagonist develops a device that turns water into food. Due to a small mishap, the machine flies into the clouds, whereupon it starts raining food. An idea that - if implemented correctly and responsibly - could actually solve the still very big problem of world hunger.

Sadly, in stark contrast to the food shortage in developing countries, immense food waste is also one of the world's major problems. According to studies, around a third of the food produced worldwide is thrown away. Ikea picks up on this in its current Christmas campaign: A boy has to flee home because suddenly - as in the animated film - huge amounts of food fall from the sky. The idea is to visualize what it would be like if nature gave us back everything we throw away. Especially during the festive season, with all the food, it is important to utilize the leftovers as much as possible. Until then, they should be stored properly - for example in storage boxes from Ikea.


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