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Gruesome but fun: household paper manufacturer Plenty and BBDO UK ring in the festive season with a Christmas spot that leaves nothing out when it comes to nerve-wracking things.


Hand on heart, Christmas gatherings with family can be a challenge on the nerves. Annoying aunts, incontinent, greedy pets, leaky toddlers and cooking mishaps are just a few of the things that can make it really hard to feel joy at the gathering.

Although a more or less big chaos does not exactly embellish a Christmas, in the end it is somehow part of the family feeling. As Plenty says, "Christmas is always a mess, but it's our mess and there's no place we'd rather be right now." Because love is stronger than spilled gravy, dropped turkey or baby vomit - and so is Plenty. With this statement, the household paper manufacturer forgoes the (direct) inclusion of any Corona-related themes and focuses entirely on the essentials: Christmas in the family, no matter what.


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