Glaciers know no Corona

The UN Climate Change Conference is supposed to be taking place in Glasgow now. But it is not. Serviceplan launches the "Meltdown Flags" project and reminds us that the melting of glaciers is continuing far too quickly, even in the days of Corona.


Covid-19 is omnipresent and dominates the agendas of this world at will this year. This has sometimes meant that what is perhaps the most capital issue on this planet has now almost disappeared from the scene. This is worrisome in that climate change is likely to have a much more dramatic impact on the world's population than coronavirus.

Emblematic of the shift in attention is the 26th UN Climate Change Conference. COP26 should have been held in Glasgow in November, but was postponed until November 2021. Because of Corona. Meanwhile, climate change with its unforeseeable effects continues unabated and is unlikely to pay much heed to the virus-induced adjustment of schedules.

With the climate initiative "Meltdown Flags" the Munich-based agency group Servicplan, in collaboration with the environmental technology company Meter, has launched a project that reminds us of the challenges facing the Earth in addition to Corona. The white parts on flags visualize how the glaciers in the corresponding countries have changed since 1950 - the year of the first UN climate conferences. And how they will change by 2050.


The visualizations are "fed" with data from Meter, Unesco, NASA and the universities of Zurich and Innsbruck. The project was already launched for last year's climate summit in Madrid and is now generating attention via various social media applications.

In addition to the campaign, Serviceplan is also making another contribution to averting climate catastrophe: Since this year, the agency group has been operating climate-neutrally at all its German locations.


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