Sami lice, synchronous

Aldi launches Santa Clauses in Australia. Synchronous - and refreshingly different.


Help, it's Christmas time. The Christmas campaigns of the major retailers are once again trickling in from all over the world - and at first glance, much remains the same. Aldi UK is once again relying on the carrot Kevin. After 2016, 2018 and 2019 This year will see the fourth appearance of the carrot, which is apparently so well received in the UK that the McCann agency keeps pulling it out of the animation box. 2020 with a story that has often been seen in Christmas commercials: Family wants to celebrate together and - although it doesn't look like it for a long time - ends up celebrating together. Oh yes, there's also a hedgehog (animated a little more heartily than this specimen, but still far behind the hedgehog possibilities).


Maybe other retailers will come up with something more original than an animated, mediocre adventure story this year? Aldi Australia could serve as an example: This offshoot of the German discount empire has already repeatedly attracted attention in the past with bold, unused advertising and is also surprising at Christmas - with a quirky Santa Claus water ballet. Beautifully synchronized, but also beautifully offbeat. Or to put it in the words of the Australian Aldi claim: Good different.


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