The blackest black

Vmly&r Peru eschews common advertising clichés for Bolivar laundry detergents, showing their effectiveness not on clothes but on shadows.


All detergents actually promise the same thing: Color detergents bring back the original color, delicates detergents protect and even repair the structure, whites detergents restore radiant whiteness - and black detergents ensure that clothes do not turn gray.

In the typical detergent advertising cliché, these claims are staged in promising before-and-after comparisons. Washboard-bellied models hold the clothes in question, which look suspiciously like "freshly bought", up to the camera - and happily put them on themselves afterwards.

For the promotion of Bolivar's "Color and Black" detergent, the Peruvian agency Vmly&r chooses a somewhat more discreet approach. Although the promise is the same - black clothing becomes even more intensely black - the visual implementation is both simple and clever: even in the shadows, the black stands out even more.


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