Burger King urges customers to order from competitors

Since Friday, France is in the second lockdown. Burger King shows solidarity with its competitors and calls on its customers: Order from McDonald's!


Once again, the French are only allowed to leave the house to do necessary shopping or to visit the doctor. For many industries, this is tantamount to an occupational ban - and the catering industry is also heavily affected by these measures.

In these times, the focus should not be on competition, but on showing solidarity and providing support. This is also how Burger King France sees it. In collaboration with its lead agency Buzzman, the fast-food chain has launched a print and social media appeal to support not only its own business, but also that of all other restaurants - whether fast or slow food. Consumers should order food for all it's worth. Burger King even admits that a Big Mac is not a bad choice.

(Screenshot: Twitter.com/BurgerKingFR)

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