Listen to your inner meerkat

For Worksafe, FCB New Zealand exhorts the New Zealand population to take an example from the furry four-legged friends.

pelzigen Vierbeinern

Meerkats are extremely sociable and live together in colonies. Since the small predators have many enemies, a good survival strategy is essential for them. Thus, at least one animal always keeps watch and warns the rest of the group in case of imminent danger.

What works well for the meerkats is now to be implemented in the workplace. Although many safety rules are already in place and communicated accordingly, a relatively high number of workplace accidents still occur. Worksafe now wants to counteract this with a campaign that deliberately avoids a generic checklist and clipboard atmosphere.

A film and heroically designed posters are intended to encourage New Zealanders to be attentive and to intervene if something goes wrong at work. After all, if you look out for each other, nothing will stand in the way of self-study in German during the night shift.

pelzigen Vierbeinern

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