Trojan theft protection

Those plagued by thieving roommates can breathe a sigh of relief: Häagen-Dazs is declaring war on ice cream theft with a pack of "Trojan Peas."


Food theft in households is a widespread problem. Around 41 percent of Australians, for example, have to hide their treats to prevent them from being snatched away, according to a study commissioned by Häagen-Dazs. For food that does not have to be kept refrigerated, this is not a major problem; there are a number of good hiding places. For ice cream, however, things get more complicated, as the freezer is the only possible storage location - and therefore also a hiding place.

That's why the ice cream brand and its agency Thinkerbell have launched a campaign to keep further thefts to a minimum - inspired by what is probably the most boring and inconspicuous frozen product. Frozen peas, after all, don't exactly represent a food product with great potential for theft - quite the opposite, in fact. These mostly pea-green packages - although they can be found in the freezer compartments of almost all households - are even rather avoided. An ideal, unsuspicious hiding place, therefore, for safely hiding beloved snacks. Why the "cheat pack" with the deliberately boring design bears the name Trojan Peas is therefore obvious.


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