Questions about questions

Little Léon wants to understand the world, and therefore does not spare his parents with strange, sometimes even absurd questions. But they don't know the answer to the one important question.

Intermarché - Questions (Romance, 2020) 0-12 screenshot

One age that every child comes to and that many parents dread is the question age. There is no way around the countless questions. After all, the child must learn to understand the world around him.

This is also the case for little Léon, who pesters his parents day in, day out with questions about "what," "how," "why," and "wherefore. Although heartwarming, this can become quite tiresome after a while - especially when you're sitting in an important meeting with customers. In addition, many questions are difficult to answer. This is especially true for the one question that every child asks regularly and to which a different answer must be found every day: What's for dinner?

The French agency Romance has implemented the sympathetic commercial for Intermarché. After all, the supermarket chain makes sure that with all these questions you no longer have to pay so much attention to whether you eat healthy at all. Because 650 products from the range have already been improved. Less salt, less sugar, fewer additives - and fewer questions.


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