Give a second life

Not wanting to own every tech generation, but passing on ownership to the next generation: Orange and Publicis raise awareness for recycling with an emotional clip.


For many, there is now a new smartphone almost every year. As soon as the latest iPhone or Android phone hits the shelves, you have to have it - even though your current phone still works perfectly. The desire to always have the latest technology is unfortunately anything but sustainable.

That's why the telecom company Orange wants to raise awareness for recycling and tells the story of a toy phone in a 60-second TV commercial that accompanies a girl as she grows up and becomes less and less important. In the end, it is passed on to the next generation, giving it a second life and bringing joy to another child. Especially beautifully realized: The various happy and sad facial features of the toy telephone over time.

With the TV spot, Orange and Publicis want to make people aware to bring their no longer needed cell phones back to the store, so they can give someone else a lot of joy again.


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