Well, with Ouigo you would already be there

A traffic jam can quickly become a test of endurance. Rosapark and Ouigo mercilessly exploit this momentum to alert travelers to a faster and more relaxed alternative.


With "Ouigo", it is possible to travel throughout France at low prices. Last July, the route between Paris and Lyon was added to the offer, with which you can get from city to city in just two hours. That's not half as long as if you were to make the trip by car. One way can take up to five hours, without taking into account the traffic situation. And the route between Lyon and Paris is known for its traffic jams, which can be a test of patience for many travelers.

In promoting the new route offer, the French agency Rosapark is focusing on precisely this point. Around 200 trucks were deployed on the car route between Lyon and Paris. Prominent posters on the back of the trucks humorously address travelers about their congestion woes and point out that there is a much faster and cheaper solution.

Other measures include a promotional film showing various travelers in nerve-wracking traffic jam situations, as well as the placement of visuals in the "Waze" navigation app.


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