Even ugly animals need love

For their current campaign, World Animal Protection Canada doesn't use the classic animal welfare fundraising cliché of cute, sad-looking kittens - but chooses the opposite approach.


The expression "inner beauty" - and what is often actually meant by it - is widespread. It is used to describe someone who does not have many external advantages, but whom one does not want to offend. If we transfer this aspect to the ape world, the so-called nose ape would probably belong to the variety with "inner beauty and strong personality".

In nüchterner Stimmlage erklärt der Erzähler im Spot, weshalb die Tierschutzorganisation ausgerechnet diese Affenart als Aushängeschild für ihre aktuelle Spendenkampagne verwendet. Die Antwort ist simpel: Auch hässliche Tiere brauchen Liebe. Und deswegen ist die Aufforderung: «Schliesst eure Augen und öffnet eure Geldbeutel».

Leo Burnett Toronto may not exactly put the nose monkeys in a too nice light with this campaign, but the thought behind it counts - and it's justified and definitely well-intentioned. And anyway: the larger and more prominent the olfactory organ is in male proboscis monkeys, the more attractive they appear to their female conspecifics.


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