Twint to the shin is taking advantage of the crisis and discreetly kicking its main competitor Digitec Galaxus in the shins.


In a (at least partially) public war of the roses, Digitec Galaxus recently parted ways with mobile payment provider Twint ( reported). The reason: no agreement was reached on fees. The Swiss online retail market leader presented itself as an e-commerce Winkelried, who sacrifices himself unconditionally for the customer and fights for every centime of fees. Until the payment options lockdown.

There may probably be a lot of truth to that. Customer friendliness has always been part of Digitec Galaxus' DNA. It's just that many people simply like to pay via Twint. They couldn't care less what conditions the parties involved agree on behind the scenes. Customer experience does not normally depend on centime amounts.

The dispute opens up opportunities for competitors from Coop: - headquartered in Moosseedorf, Bern - is seizing the opportunity and launching a Twint campaign. "Do you miss Twint? We've got it!" is the greeting from the capital canton to Zurich. If you buy 100 francs or more, you get a 15-franc discount when you pay with Twint.

Speaking of which: the massive expansion of the product range that in the last year and a half is now paying off. And suddenly it makes sense that a former online retailer for consumer electronics and computer parts is now also selling toilet paper.

So if you still need toilet paper, or have relatives who can't join in the morning hamster orgies: has some in stock. If you hoard several parcels and pay by Twint, there's even... 15 francs off.



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