Volvo trucks can also be stacked

To promote the launch of its four new trucks, Swedish automaker Volvo is unceremoniously stacking them on top of each other - and the president on top.


Launching four trucks at once is a huge deal in the truck industry. To ensure that this fact is also reflected in the communication, Volvo has come up with something big.

The film takes place in a gloomy, rainy setting. From afar, the lights of the truck tower can be seen driving through the night. As time passes, the epic hum of the song "Conquest Of Paradise" by Vangelis drowns out the sound of the rain. As the commercial - and the song - reaches its climax, it becomes apparent that Roger Alm, the president of the Volvo Group himself, is standing on the vehicle with a billowing raincoat, flashing and thundering it - in Thor-like fashion - with his arms raised.

The film was released shortly before the official European launch of the truck fleet: "This is the biggest launch for Volvo so far. Although I am used to being at the forefront of things, the tower shoot was a rather unusual day at work," President Roger Alm is quoted as saying in a press release.

The film was shot in late 2019 at a test site outside Gothenburg. Both the truck tower and most of the visual effects were real. The preparations and safety precautions took about a month. 

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