Bringing both worlds into balance

A serious conversation is never easy. In a TV commercial, a boy has to teach his favorite video game character that he will spend more time away from the screen. Colenso BBDO and Play by Spark thus aim to raise awareness of the importance of balanced media consumption.

Technology has an increasing impact on everyday life. This is especially challenging for families - having a healthy balance between screen time and "traditional" activities like playing outside can be difficult.

Play by Spark wants to help families with this problem and is developing a smart ball in the shape of a rugby egg that can record a child's active play time via Bluetooth and match it with screen time. If the time limit is exceeded, parents receive a warning.

On the one hand, the gadget is intended to support growing children in developing a conscious approach to media and technology, and on the other hand, to provide parents with the right educational tools.

In the accompanying TV campaign, Toby has a conversation with his video game hero about the balance that needs to be restored - even away from the game world - which is why he won't be spending as much time with him anymore.

The campaign will also be spread across social, digital and out-of-home media. In 2020, initial test results of the smart ball will be evaluated and a decision made on further plans.


Customer: Spark. Responsible agency: Colenso BBDO. Production: Sweetshop.

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