These Peugeot billboards convert noise into electricity to charge cars

BETC has set up a billboard in Paris that converts street noise into electricity. It is used to advertise the electric Peugeot e-208.


What sounds like an early April Fool's joke is apparently reality: electricity can be generated from noise. BETC Paris has set up a billboard installation with Clear Channel that converts sound waves into usable electricity. The integrated e-mobile charging station thus adds the emissions, which are largely caused by combustion engines, to the alternative drive. A noise recycling, which promotes a much quieter mobility variant. 

In theory, at least, it's a brilliant idea. Whether the billboards can really charge a car in a useful period of time is at least questionable. The billboards are also connected to the normal power supply and "refuel" the car in the mix. The noise current is likely to play a rather minor role - symbolically, however, it makes a strong statement: the future lies in alternative energy sources and in a quieter everyday life. Because if the source for the sound wave generators dries up, no one will have anything against it.

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