Life goes on - at least for most

Amnesty International takes Sabrina's world hit "Boys" out of mothballs in Sweden - with a serious background.


The fact that only a small percentage of all reported sex crimes end up going to trial is probably the case all over the world. In Sweden, according to Amnesty International, it's just 7 percent. The rest are dropped. For lack of evidence or umpteen other reasons that can lead to an offender ending up not in front of the judge, but back in his old life. Even if not every alleged perpetrator is guilty, the number of unsolved and unpunished sexual crimes is probably high.

The Stockholm-based agency association Reform Act underlines the fact that for most sex offenders life goes on as if nothing had happened with Sabrina's 80s cult hit "Boys". And invokes the fact that 97 percent of all alleged offenders are male - so a minor generalization is definitely in order.

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