Please re-park: VW cleans up Abbey Road

It took a while, but now the work is done: VW has re-parked the Beetle on the "Abbey Road" cover.


No, you don't park like that - not even in England (where, as we all know, things work a bit differently when it comes to traffic). When the Beatles walked along the most legendary pedestrian crossing in music history in 1969, a white VW Beetle was parked on the sidewalk in the background. The album was released 50 years ago on Wednesday - reason enough for Volkswagen to finally rebrand the Beetle. 

In collaboration with Swedish agency Noord DDB, VW launched a strictly limited "Reparked Edition" on vinyl to mark the anniversary of the century album. To buy Online. What an idea! And what a shame that the 179-crown plate, the proceeds of which go to a good cause, has long been sold out. No wonder: 179 crowns do not even correspond to 20 francs. 


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