Tense neck on the move

Volvo Trucks visited a truck stop in the USA with a prominent chiropractor. To put the neck in joint and knead the back. The campaign was created by Forsman & Bodenfors.


Many truckers have one uncomfortable thing in common: sore necks, strained backs, classic seat ailments. Which is hardly surprising when you sit behind the wheel all day. Volvo Trucks alleviates the problem at least a little: with the "Volvo Dynamic Steering" system, the driver is relieved when steering in such a way that he relieves himself in the process.

Swedish agency Forsman & Bodenfors has hired Youtube star Dr. Beau Hightower to work on battered truckers' necks in a mobile clinic. "Dr. Beau" is known for kneading damaged mixed martial arts fighters back together. The liberating crunch in the film - a matter of getting used to. Many truckers should soon get used to the new amenities that Volvo is offering to make their working day more enjoyable. Or at least they make it easier.

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