Omega celebrates moon landing anniversary with golden AR astronaut

Thanks to augmented reality, everyone can now put an astronaut in their living room.


Almost all of them. Only iPhone owners who have at least iOS 12 installed can enjoy AR noise. The rest is simple: You surf with the Safari browser on You select "AR" and move the iPhone according to the prompt. A short time later, you can welcome a massive, golden astronaut into your own four walls - not bad! Once placed, the new roommate can be enlarged and reduced with the iPhone's usual two-finger gestures or moved with a finger.

The Speedmaster Professional model, known as "The Moonwatch," was the first watch on the moon. It was worn by astronaut Buzz Aldrin in 1969 during the moon landing, which will mark its 50th anniversary on July 21. The Omega Chronograph is the only piece of equipment that has been used on all of NASA's manned space missions, from Gemini to the current ISS program. 


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