Collect cans with Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is also jumping on the sustainability bandwagon and wants to encourage recycling. A campaign by Publicis Italy is designed to help.


Sustainability - especially the problem of waste in the sea - is becoming a mega-trend in advertising. Coca-Cola now also wants to help make the world a little better. Because: 80 percent of the global volume of waste in the sea could have been reused through proper recycling. And would have ended up back in our daily lives instead of in the belly of a whale. The beverage multinational has therefore committed itself to producing only recyclable packaging by 2025. At the same time, it is investing in collection infrastructure, setting an ambitious target: By 2030, Coca-Cola wants to get one beverage container back for every can and bottle it sells. 

Publicis Italy implemented a sensational campaign on this topic in Bulgaria. The iconic, sweeping Coke line became an oversized arm pointing to collection bins near the billboard. The poster locations were chosen so that corresponding recycling collection points were already in the vicinity or could be newly installed.


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