Privacy first: Apple has found a new USP for the iPhone

Apple's new iPhone campaign focuses on privacy rather than technology.


Promote the iPhone - but how? Technically, the competition has long been in no way inferior to Apple. Supposed innovations advertised by Apple have often long been standard in other devices. And most iPhone enthusiasts have still not recovered from the remarkable price of the iPhone X.

But this pricing policy also has its advantage: Apple earns a lot of money with real products. And therefore does not think about opening up more than necessary. While the majority of other manufacturers rely on Google's (free) Android operating system, Apple has always kept the strings in its own hands and shielded its own iOS from the outside.

In a world where privacy is arguably too the central super-topic at all, the trump cards could suddenly lie with Apple again. A company where everything costs a lot, but whose business model is therefore not based on the exploitation of data.

Apple is now playing the "privacy" card in communication. Whether the company really handles the privacy of its users in such an exemplary manner is difficult to verify as a layman. Think different - it's about time again.

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