Orange Vanilla Coke: Hollywood launch by Wieden+Kennedy

Wieden + Kennedy launches the first new Coca-Cola flavor in a decade. The production: cinematic.


Rarely has a new flavor been introduced with so much fanfare. Wieden+Kennedy USA pulls out all the stops and unleashes orange, vanilla and cola onto the streets in the form of vans.

Orange Vanilla Coke has been available in the USA since February 25 - the rest of the world must (or may?) still be patient. "Orange kisses vanilla" is the motto that is supposed to describe the new drinking experience. According to media reports, ginger was also very popular, but the orange-vanilla combo was better received by the test groups. Whether Orange Vanilla is more than just a mixture of Mezzo Mix and Vanilla Coke remains to be seen. After Cherry Coke and Vanilla Coke, the creation is the first new cola flavor in over a decade. Cheers!



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