With dates against the Brexit

In response to the soon-to-be-impending Brexit, slow dating app Once is unveiling a new feature designed to help British singles meet European partners - and vice versa - to escape the consequences of the dreaded no-deal Brexit.

The UK is about to leave the European Union. Both Britons living in the EU and EU citizens living in the UK face numerous bureaucratic problems around their stay. This also affects Brits in Switzerland and Swiss in the UK. To help singles avoid this red tape, slow dating app Once has decided to introduce a new feature: It aims to help users meet singles with matching citizenships and, if the love is right, maybe even get married to avoid the consequences of Brexit.

Poll: Dating vs. Brexit

A recent survey by Once shows what effects British singles fear due to the Brexit: Around 30 percent of respondents are afraid that EU singles will no longer want to date them after the Brexit. About 1/7 of the singles are of the opinion that the search for true love will become more difficult due to the Brexit.


How exactly the new feature works

From now on, users of the slow dating app - both with EU passports and British passports - can choose between the two options "I am an EU citizen" and "I am a British citizen" and also filter suggested profiles according to these criteria. All that is then needed is a timely date, a little luck and the great love. This way, nothing stands in the way of marriage and the right of residence.

"Fight Brexit with love is Once's new motto," says Clémentine Lalande, COO of Once. Although the launch of the new feature can certainly be understood as a provocation, she believes that there should be no political barriers when it comes to love.

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