Look below the surface

Homosexuality still tends to be a taboo subject in advertising. The Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg sets a good example by showing two boys loving each other in an underwear commercial realized by directorial talent Eugen Merher.


The German Film Academy Baden-Württemberg has realized a spec spot for underwear for the brand Calvin Klein. In it, two boys get into a brutal fight at a boarding school, egged on by their bawling classmates who circle them. The blood runs. Until the two discover their love for each other. They fall, stumble. Hold hands. And finally kiss in Calvin Klein underwear in their shared room. The claim: "Look below the surface." An artistic-looking spot that breaks with a taboo and finally addresses homosexuality in (underwear) advertising. The real advertising industry is welcome to take Merher's work as an example. (ank)

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