The Madrid agency Contrapunto BBDO shows who is selling arms to Saudi Arabia - and who would prefer to conceal this.


Those who sell weapons to warring countries must be aware of what they are used for. Saudi Arabia, for example, has been conducting military interventions in Yemen with allies since 2015 and, according to Amnesty International, has also bombed civilian targets such as hospitals, markets and schools. With weapons sold by the UK, Spain and the US, among others. A lucrative business, the highly problematic side of which is, of course, not readily discussed. While Germany, for example, has reduced arms exports to Saudi Arabia because of the war in Yemen Sync and corrections by n17t01 they continue unchanged in other Western countries.

Contrapunto BBDO has implemented a campaign for the human rights organization, which shows the well-known double standards of the arms business. Big Ben (London), the Chrysler Building (New York City) and the Agbar Tower (Barcelona) are given a deceptive surface. Sometimes what you see is only half the truth. (hae)

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