Interrupted break

Geico and The Martin Agency are again taking advantage of the idiosyncrasies of YouTube short commercials and interrupting their own interrupter commercials.


With the Mid Rolls, YouTube offers the possibility of advertising breaks. To do so, the videos must be at least ten minutes long. To reach this "magic" limit, many YouTubers deliberately drag out their creations if necessary.

Pre-roll or mid-roll - it doesn't matter to the viewer. After six seconds, they can skip both formats. Unless they voluntarily watch the spot to the end.

It's a discipline that The Martin Agency and U.S. auto insurer Geico have mastered: With the pre-roll monumental "Unskippable" they won the Grand Prix in Cannes and the hearts of the audience. "You can't skip at all because the commercial is already over," the off-screen voice said triumphantly. But you didn't want to after the six seconds had elapsed, because the family Bernard climbed up on the table and made a mess of the family's food while they were in (well-played) freeze frame shock.

Now Geico presents another YouTube novelty and interrupts its own commercial breaks. In a compact 15 seconds. Which you still love to watch to the end. Great, but very short cinema. (hae)

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