To be seen and to be seen

Thanks to Volvo, it's finally here: the stylish high-visibility vest.


In the event of an accident or a dangerous situation on the road, it is important to be seen. That's why there are high-visibility vests. And if you're already seen, you might as well make a good trap. Especially if you're driving a chic Volvo S90 Berline and generally value a stylish appearance.

Safety and style - two attributes to which the Swedish car company has always been committed and which are specially underlined with the models of the luxury class. The Belgian agency FamousGrey therefore took on what was probably the last undesigned part of the car and had the tailor Aravinda Rodenburg create a high-visibility vest to match the Volvo. The result is something to be proud of. And in the future, so will every S90 driver who stumbles along the country road in the middle of the night in the pouring rain. (hae)

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