The end for dentists

Wrigley's Extra Professional chewing gums make dentists obsolete, according to a commercial by Düsseldorf-based agency BBDO.


Empty waiting rooms, sparsely furnished, in dim light: In a current commercial, BBDO predicts that dentists are running out of customers. They have only themselves to blame for their demise, as the campaign claim reveals: "Foolishly recommended by dentists since 1987. Dentists have been recommending Wrigley's Extra Professional chewing gum to their patients since 1987 - it's their own fault. Since everyone seems to have followed the decades-old recommendation, dentists are no longer needed. The practices are empty.

The Düsseldorf-based agency BBDO opted for simplicity: the spot has no actors and no storyline, just photos of the waiting rooms, melancholy background music and a claim that makes you smile. The campaign is certainly not pedagogically valuable, and certainly not realistic, but that was certainly not the aim of the campaign.

Incidentally, BBDO won two silver lions at Cannes last year for the previous Wrigley campaign "Classics last longer". (akk)

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