Quietly trickles the snow

In Paris, oversized hourglasses showed how long it was until the start of the third "Narcos" season.


It has been available on Netflix since September 1: The third season of "Narcos," the series about Colombian drug cartels of the 1980s and '90s. Many fans didn't have to be told twice, because the work, which is largely spoken and subtitled in Spanish, has been extremely popular since the first episode. While the first two seasons told the life of the legendary drug lord Pablo Escobar, the third season is dedicated to the Cali cartel - an association of various Colombian cocaine producers and smugglers in the city of Cali.

The fact that the oversized countdown clocks set up by the Ubi Bene agency in Paris did not have sand trickling down them, but rather a strange white powder, could not have fit the theme any better. But of course it wasn't real cocaine, otherwise the glass clocks would probably have been broken open and cleared out after the first night. And Netflix's advertising budget would have been blown away. (hae)


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