Coca-Cola impresses at Time Square with 3D advertising board

Coca-Cola spent four years working on the world's first "3D Robotic Sign" - the result in New York's Time Square is breathtaking.


For 100 years, Coca-Cola has been present with a huge advertisement in Time Square. The last time the ad was replaced at one of the most coveted advertising spots in the world was in 2004. In keeping with the motto "If you're going to go for it, go for it", the time came again in 2017. The 20-meter-high 3D billboard that Coca-Cola unveiled in New York on August 8 looks like a creative director's computer-animated dream at first glance in the video. But the whole thing is real and not only weatherproof, but also quite sophisticated. Each of the countless, high-resolution LED cubes can be controlled and programmed individually. The screens can be moved forwards and backwards.

Video: Loren Brinton

This 3D poster technology could open up completely new possibilities for creative people. That is, if Coca-Cola shares the knowledge it has gained over four years of development. And provided the technology is not so expensive that no "normal" brand can afford it anyway. (hae)

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