What not to ask an influencer

Manager Magazin interviewed one of Germany's most important female influencers - and also published the questions that were not answered.


With 1.1 million Instagram followers, Caro Daur plays in Germany's top league of female influencers. And confirms in an interview with Manager Magazin that the influencer industry is not only extremely lucrative, but also quite secretive. Outsiders have to make do with estimates from experts when it comes to understanding the business of the hour. Concrete figures or the contents of contracts are generally never discussed. Influencer marketing also thrives on the fact that those to be influenced never know exactly what is being shown, worn or recommended and when. Since it is not uncommon for sponsored content to be clearly declared, the million-dollar industry is repeatedly confronted with allegations of surreptitious advertising. Legislators are reacting: In the EU, for example, the same advertising rules will soon apply to Youtubers as to TV broadcasters.

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Jun 2 2017 at 14:02

Said Interview with the 22-year-old is moderately interesting. When asked if she is aware of her responsibility to her young followers, she says something like, "Responsibility is a big word. For me, it's still surreal when people take me as a role model, or someone comes up to me and tells me how much I influence them." Her clients probably have less trouble in that regard.

More interesting are the questions that were not answered and that were asked by the - probably somewhat disillusioned - Manager Magazin following the interview published were. It's understandable that Daur doesn't say how exactly her contracts work. Nor is her sales or her first fee anyone's business. Topics like mandatory labeling, on the other hand, are. The questions of whether female influencers only post and tag for money after a certain degree of professionalization - and whether it wouldn't be smart to do it for free for the sake of credibility - would have been exciting, to say the least. "Influencers are subject to mandatory labeling just like bloggers. Are you complying?" No Comment.


And so the upper echelons of the influencer industry continue to be a fascinating and somewhat mysterious black box in which a lot of advertising money that was previously invested elsewhere "disappears. And in return, the brand names just bubble out of it. (hae)

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