Forsman & Bodenfors' new Volvo commercial wows the audience.


At Volvo, safety has always been at the top of the list of sales arguments. Long before the airbag, the "Swedish tanks" protected the driver with their massive, stable body shape. Today, the assistance systems always keep an eye on the environment and intervene when there is an emergency. Or on the child.

Swedish crown agency Forsman & Bodenfors heralds nothing less than "The Future of Safety" with the three-minute storytelling masterpiece "Moments." It tells the story of a girl who, before her first day of school, explains to her mother her plans for the life ahead. She is inspired by the idea of being able to decide for herself how her life will turn out. Parallel to the first trip to school, the film accompanies a businesswoman in her Volvo XC60.

Sometimes what happens is less important. It's what doesn't happen. Written and orchestrated by director Gustav Johansson, the spot has been well received not only by the trade media, but (much more importantly!) especially by viewers. Thus, a large majority of the YouTube comments made so far express above-average enthusiasm and touchedness. Only one viewer is bothered by the fact that it would be better to show children how to cross the street attentively and safely instead of leaving the responsibility to technology. And someone wonders where in the world people speak with a British accent but drive on the left. Justified, but unimportant question - because advertising may. (hae)

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