Air wash

In Kalifornien reinigen Plakate die verschmutzte Luft. Entwickelt hat die Toyota-Kampagne Saatchi & Saatchi.


Toyota's Mirai fuel cell model has a clean slate when it comes to air pollution: Only water vapor comes out the back. Good for the smog-ridden air of major American cities.

The latest Mirai campaign can make the same claim. From April 3 to May 28, 2017, 37 special billboards are helping to make the air in Los Angeles and San Francisco cleaner.

In cooperation with Clear Channel, Saatchi & Saatchi has created billboards that act like catalysts. Vinyl coated with titanium dioxide cleans the ambient air. This binds as much nitrogen oxide as 400 cars emit during an entire month.

Clear Channel now wants to make the technology developed by the company Pureti available for the OOH campaigns of other environmentally conscious customers. A sensible dual use of the poster space that is available anyway. (hae)


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