Drinking beer to save the world, part two

New Zealanders are once again enjoying the pleasure of drinking beer not only for themselves but also for the country. Enviable.


In 2015, the DB Export brewery caused a worldwide sensation with "Brewtroleum" and subsequently won a number of advertising prizes, including the Outdoor Grand Prix in Cannes. The idea was to produce biofuel from brewing "waste" and supply it to gas stations. The more beer drunk, the less petroleum burned. First and foremost, of course, this was a cleverly packaged self-evident advertising idea - because presumably every brewery does not add its bio-waste to the incinerator, but to a bio-gas plant.

Now DB Export is continuing the do-gooder campaign. Drink beer and do good at the same time. This time, New Zealand's beaches are benefiting from charitable beer consumption. Like two-thirds of all beaches worldwide, these are receding and gradually disappearing. Until now. That's because the Colenso BBDO agency has developed return vending machines for DB Export that process the empties into a sand substitute in real time. This is then passed on to the sand-processing industry, which uses it to build roads, for example. In contrast to the unfit desert sand (which would be available in abundance), the beer sand can be optimally processed. This results in 200 grams of sand substitute per bottle.


Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-26 um 12.09.03

A clever idea if you assume that the bottles normally end up in landfills and that consumers are motivated and encouraged to recycle by the vending machines. Who wouldn't want to watch their bottle being ground into sand in real time?

Whether the campaign would also make sense in the country of the recycling world champions, where a phenomenal 96 percent of all glass bottles are voluntarily returned to the recycling and reprocessing cycle anyway, is another question. For most Swiss, a combination of a disposal fee and sustainability awareness is enough to motivate them not to consign glass to final destruction. (hae)


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