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Instagram meets Coke can: GMP/Jung von Matt interprets the "Taste the Feeling" campaign in Romanian.


With the "InstaCans", the Romanian Jung von Matt offshoot GMP presents a world premiere: Instagram users post photos that express a feeling, tag them with the hashtag #TasteTheFeeling... and find the images - selected by a jury - on beverage cans.

The Insta-cans recently went on sale and have been met with great approval. "Many people collect the cans and ask for a new edition of the contest - to participate themselves," Mihai Gongu, ECD of the agency from Bucharest, reveals to us. GMP has been part of Jung von Matt's partner network since 2014 and is the most successful agency in Romania - in terms of creative awards.

Certainly not the most original of ideas - but functional and nicely implemented: In screenshot format, including wifi and battery display. The fascination for Instagram as a marketing and influencer network seems unbroken. Both from the marketer's and the user's point of view. Also in Eastern Europe: Romania, with 1.2 million users, has more active Instagrammers than Switzerland (870,000 users). (hae)


Photos: ZVG

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