Recognize dangers

Mercedes clearly distinguishes itself from a final project of the Ludwigsburg Film Academy. The supposed commercial takes on fundamental ethical issues - and Hitler.

The one-minute film demonstrates the Mercedes-Benz emergency brake assistant. When children run in front of the car, the system automatically steps on the blocks. The punchline of the film students is a salted one and spreads virally around the world in no time: In Braunau am Inn, Hitler's birthplace, little Adolf runs in front of the noble car at the end of the 19th century. This time, the car doesn't brake, but runs over the boy. Claim: "Recognizes dangers before they arise.


Daimler wants nothing to do with the explosive film and immediately demanded that clear references be placed in the clip. It is inappropriate to use the death of a child and content with a reference to National Socialism for a commercial, the car company said on Saturday. Once apart from the explosive ethical topic (may one?), one is interested with the Stuttgart car dealer presumably also therefore in a clear dissociation, because Daimler Benz played an important role in the Nazi armament industry... and Hitler drove even Mercedes, and/or let drive. No one is complaining - at least unofficially - about the global attention of the viral spot and the technically flawlessly staged car.

The film is highly polarizing, as evidenced by the sometimes heated reader discussion on Mirror Online shows. Incidentally, the spot by directing student Tobias Haase has been nominated for the German Young Talent Award "First Steps", which Mercedes-Benz supports. (hae)

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