Last but not least: "Hip-Hop HiSkool" presents Lowrider-Lok

SBB Magic Ticket has just launched a new social media campaign. Inspired by the American-born lowrider or jump car scene, a locomotive has been virtually built so that it can be raised, lowered and tilted to the rhythm of lush beats.

The largest children's and youth platform in Switzerland draws attention to its "Hip-Hop HiSkool" with an original viral clip.


How SBB managed to move tons of steel so acrobatically remains a company secret. Behind the name "Hip-Hop HiSkool" are rap and beatbox workshops offered by SBB in various Swiss railroad stations and led by national hip-hop artists.

Responsible at SBB Magic Ticket: Franziska Kellenberger. Responsible at TBWA\: Frederick Rossmann (Creative Director), Barney Rees (Art Director), Edith Swiezy (Account Director), Friederike Lehmann (Account Executive), Christina Buergin (Art Buying). Responsible at Combo Entertainment: Siro Antonio Micheroli (Director/Production), Mick Zimmermann (3D).

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