Advertising market trend: positive start to the year

The Mediafocus Advertising Market Trend Report is positive: the traditional advertising market is starting 2024 with gross advertising expenditure of CHF 273.7 million and an increase of 7.7 percent.

Development of traditional advertising print as at January 2024 in million gross francs. Image: Mediafocus.

The "traditional" advertising market is starting 2024 with a gross advertising spend of CHF 273.7 million and an increase of 7.7%, according to the latest Advertising Market Trend Report from Mediafocus for January 2024. This positive development can be seen across all traditional media groups. The largest percentage increase can be observed in cinema (+71%). (The data for Livesystems is currently only available for 2024; the increase in the out-of-home segment without Livesystems is not +23.1%, but +11.1%. Growth in the traditional advertising market is 5.0% without Livesystems). The Livesystems data for 2023 is expected to be available again with the half-year results (July 2024).

Picture: Mediafocus

According to Mediafocus, the increase in the advertising market is due to the positive development in 14 sectors. The most significant percentage increase was recorded by tobacco products, which started the new year with an increase of 73.7%. Leisure, gastronomy, tourism (+39.2%), vehicles (+37.5%), transport companies (+34.7%) and finance (+33.6%) also increased their advertising pressure by more than a third.

Picture: Mediafocus

Food and retail were already on the podium in 2023 as a whole. However, initiatives and campaigns had to cede third place in January to leisure, gastronomy and tourism. In total, seven sectors are down on the previous year. The sectors with the lowest advertising pressure in January are tobacco products, energy and media, despite a positive trend.

The largest percentage reduction can be observed in the personal care sector (-44.4%). Further declines, albeit significantly lower, can be seen in the services (-16.5%), food (-16.5%), telecommunications (-10.8%), beverages (-10.5%), digital & household (-7.7%) and fashion & sport (-0.6%) sectors.

Advertising print in the digital market

The top 3 sectors in the digital channels are retail, leisure, gastronomy, tourism and the financial sector. This means that the industry ranking in the traditional channels differs significantly in some cases from the digital channels. While the food industry was able to position itself at the top in the traditional media, it is only in tenth place in the digital channels. Initiatives & campaigns also rely more on traditional channels (6th place) than on digital (14th place). The Beverages and Digital & Household sectors, on the other hand, ranked significantly higher in the digital sector (5th and 7th) than in the traditional advertising market (14th and 13th).

Picture: Mediafocus

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