Media Focus expands radio gross advertising volume with digital audio

After "months of preparation and an intensive test phase", the gross advertising volume of currently 34 Swiss radio stations and international audio networks can be reported from January 1, 2024, retroactively also for the entire year 2023.

Media Focus

With the continuous change in the media landscape and the increasing use of digital platforms, radio consumption via digital distribution channels is growing steadily. This makes it possible for radio stations to reach their target groups precisely via digital broadcasting in addition to linear broadcasting. In this context, Media Focus has taken this initiative in collaboration with Swiss Radioworld.

"Media Focus' decision to report the gross advertising volume of digital audio is an important step for our industry," said Ralf Brachat, Managing Director of Swiss Radioworld, in a press release. "I am convinced that this expansion represents a valuable contribution to the development of audio advertising. We at Swiss Radioworld are delighted to be part of this development and will continue to do so on behalf of radio stations in the future."

Read and watch here a current interview with Ralf Brachat.

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