Advertising market in October 2023 far below previous year's level

In October 2022, advertising pressure reached a striking peak of CHF 796.2 million. Despite a new peak in October 2023, this was 23.2% below the previous year's level at CHF 611.2 million gross. This is shown by the latest advertising market trend from Media Focus.

Media Focus

According to Media Focus, the difference can be explained primarily by the Search media group. Google has made an unusually high number of adjustments this year, which severely impairs comparability with data from 2022. However, TV, print, cinema and display also recorded significant declines compared to the previous year.

The advertising market for the year as a whole (YTD) was also down significantly by 8.1 percent at CHF 5,089.7 million gross.

The decline hit the online-affine fashion & sports sector the hardest (-46.1%). On the other hand, the cleaning industry significantly increased advertising pressure by 40.2%.

The development of advertising pressure as at October 2023 in millions of gross francs


Only 6 sectors increase in October

In October, only six sectors recorded an increase in their advertising pressure compared to the previous year. The cleaning industry stood out in particular, as it recorded a considerable increase in its gross advertising pressure of 40.2%, which is the highest increase of all industries.

Initiatives & Campaigns also experienced growth of 12.7% in October, driven by the elections.

The transportation sector continued its trend of significant growth, increasing by 12.1% compared to the same month last year.

The cosmetics & personal care sector (+9.7%), the media sector (+3.2%) and events (+1.5%) also recorded slight increases.

Four sectors reduce by over 40 percent

In October, the advertising market recorded a further increase compared to the previous month, although it remains significantly below the previous year's level. A total of 15 sectors reduced their advertising activities, with 14 of them recording a double-digit decline.

The Fashion & Sports sector recorded the largest reduction in October (-46.1%), followed by Services (-44.7%).

The energy sector also significantly reduced its advertising activities by 44.4% compared to the same period of the previous year.

The leisure, gastronomy and tourism sector also experienced a sharp decline in advertising pressure of 44.2% compared to the previous year.

The top advertisers and most advertised products and services (excluding product range, image advertising and collective categories) in October

Media Mix for the month of October

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