Advertising market: summer slump also noticeable in 2023

Gross value added in July reached 390.8 million, a reduction of 5.2 percent on the same month of the previous year. As in previous years, the summer slump is also making itself felt in 2023. However, cinema and OOH seem to defy the summer slump in July and can increase their advertising print in the double-digit range.

Media Focus

According to Media Focus' Advertising Market Trend, advertising print so far this year is 5.9 percent below last year's figure, closing with a gross volume of 3,412 million Swiss francs.

Advertising pressure in the overall market

Development of advertising print as of July 2023 in millions of gross Swiss francs.

Financial sector well above 2022

The ranking of the sectors remains virtually unchanged in July. Only Cosmetics & Toiletries and Events swap places.

The financial sector is performing remarkably well so far in 2023, generating almost a third more advertising impressions. While it ranked sixth in the same period in 2022, it is now moving up to second place. However, in July, it recorded only the fourth largest increase (+15.1%). Tobacco products (+363.7%), cleaning (+74.6%) and telecommunications (+21.3%) can record even more significant increases in July.

Summer slump more pronounced in twelve sectors

Compared to 2022, the lower advertising spend in the summer is clearly noticeable in 12 of the 21 sectors. As in June, the energy sector (-37.2%), fashion and sports (-28.2%) and construction, industry, furnishings (-27.9%) show the strongest reductions. These three sectors still recorded significant increases in July of the previous year.

Top Advertisers & Products

The top advertisers and most advertised products and services (excluding assortment image advertising and collective categories) in July.

Media Mix for the month of July

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