Advertising market: 14 sectors down year-on-year in 1st half

The balance sheet of Media Focus for the 1st advertising half-year 2023 has been determined - 3,019 million gross Swiss francs. This corresponds to a minus of 6.1 percent. A total of 14 sectors are behind the previous year's figures.

Media Focus

After rising 9.3 percent in May, advertising pressure leveled off again in June, as usual, the summer slump set in. In June, the advertising market was down 6.5 percent on the previous year, closing at 469 million gross Swiss francs.

However, this development is driven by a disproportionate decline in Search*. The classic channels even record an increase of 5.7% in June. The media group OOH has the greatest impact here, with an increase of 27% compared to 2022.

Advertising Print in the Overall Market: The Development of Advertising Print as of June 2023 in Million Gross Francs.

Financials strong in advertising in June and YTD

In June, the financial sector recorded a significant increase in its advertising print (+40.3%) and also presents itself strongly in the industry ranking YTD with an increase of 31.7%. This puts it in second place at the end of the half-year.

Only the retail sector generated more advertising pressure YTD, but stagnated in June (-0.5%). The food industry increased its advertising pressure both in June (+16.1%) and YTD (+1.9%), landing in third place.

Compared to the previous year, only eight sectors were able to increase in June. Leading the way was Tobacco, which in addition to a marked increase in June (+64.4%) also saw significant growth YTD (+76.9%). The Initiatives & Campaigns industry also saw an increase (+22.2%) with strong advertising campaigns on the Climate Change Act, and Cleaning also increased significantly (+48.6%).

Cultural life with concerts, open airs and sporting events such as Weltklasse Zürich are fuelling the events industry. Like food, it is growing by 16.1 percent.

Last but not least, transportation companies also increase advertising pressure in June (+3.4%).

Nine sectors make double-digit reductions

In total, 13 industries reduced their advertising print, with nine of them reporting double-digit declines.

The biggest reduction can be seen in the Energy sector, which has seen a 36% drop in advertising print. Construction, Industry, Furnishings, which made it to the top 5 YTD, also decreased significantly (-34.8%).

Similar to May, the fashion and sports industry recorded the third highest decline with a reduction of 2,.9 percent, but is in the middle range year-on-year.

Despite summer temperatures, advertising activity - with and without Search - also remains quiet in Leisure, Hospitality and Tourism (-25.3%). Services (-25.0%) is also among the five sectors with the strongest reductions in June.

The top advertisers and most advertised products and services (excluding assortment image advertising and collective categories) in June.
Media Mix for the month of June

* With the integration of "Bard" into Google Search, the internal structure of HTML pages was adjusted, which meant that in some cases fewer ads were recorded in June than in previous months. In the meantime, ad capture has returned to normal levels.

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