Swiss advertising market: strong tobacco sector in February

The Swiss advertising market closed February at 436.6 million gross Swiss francs, a year-on-year decrease of 9.4 percent. Compared with the previous month of January, however, gross value print is up slightly at +0.7 percent.

Media FocusCumulatively, advertising print was 870.4 million gross words, 11.6 percent below the previous year's figure. The reduction can be attributed to the total of 15 sectors that generated lower gross value print in February. Only six sectors recorded an increase.

The top advertiser this month is Coop. The most advertised product (without search) is the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Advertising print in the overall market: development of advertising print as of February 2023 in millions of gross Swiss francs. (Image: Media Focus)

Tobacco industry records significant increase

At 239.9 percent, the tobacco industry increased its advertising print the most, as in the previous month of January. It was followed by the transport industry, with an increase of 44.9 percent. The financial sector was also among the winners in February, increasing its gross advertising print by 38.1 percent. In addition, the events (+ 16.5%), leisure, tourism, gastronomy (+ 10.9%) and vehicles (+ 6.2%) sectors are following suit.

Overall decline of 9.4 percent in industry comparison

A full 15 sectors recorded a decline in gross value added in February. The personal supplies sector was the hardest hit, with a drop of 32.8 percent. This is followed by the cleaning sector with a decline of 30.7 percent. In addition, the Construction, Industry, Furnishings (-28.6%), Fashion & Sport (-28.4%), Energy (-27.7%), Pharmaceuticals & Health (-22.8%), Digital & Household (-20,0%), Telecommunications (-19.3%), Services (-17.3%), Food (-16.7%), Retail (-11.4%), and Beverages (-10.2%) the gross value print.

Top Advertisers & Products

The top advertisers and most advertised products as well as services (excluding assortment, image advertising and collective categories) in February 2023:

Media mix (classic media) for the month of February 2023


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