Advertising market 2022: All on growth - only TV saw losses

Internet was the strongest genre in 2022, followed by TV. But TV suffered losses - compared to the other media. This is shown by Media Focus' annual résumé.

In 2022, 6,926 million Swiss francs of gross advertising print was generated. This corresponds to an increase of 21.8 percent. Around one third (35.8%; CHF 2,483 million) is attributable to the media channels of the global tech giant Google (SEA, YouTube). If this advertising space is excluded, this leaves 4,443 million Swiss francs of gross advertising print generated by the media groups print, TV, radio, cinema, out-of-home and display marketer statistics. This corresponds to 3.8 percent (+162 MCHF) growth compared to the previous year.

Internet will remain the dominant media group in 2022, with a 41 percent share of the media mix. TV advertising follows in second place with 23 percent. Print in third place generates around one-fifth of advertising pressure (21 percent), out-of-home is at 12 percent, radio at 3 percent and cinema at 0.4 percent.

Cinema grows strongly - but lags behind pre-Corona year

Looking at the development of advertising pressure in the individual media groups, it is noticeable that only TV advertising is slightly behind the previous year's figure (-2.3 percent). Internet advertising (search, display, YouTube) experienced the greatest growth, with an increase of 67.1 percent. Cinema follows in second place with an increase of 46.8 percent. Although this figure is still well below the pre-Corona year 2019 (28 MCHF to 49 MCHF), the trend is pointing in the right direction, not least due to the major blockbuster Avatar 2. Out-of-Home completes the list of media groups with double-digit growth (+13.1 percent). After the significant growth last year due to the integration of new stations in French-speaking Switzerland, radio also increased by another 6.3 percent, and print advertising was also up minimally at 1.2 percent. Further results are available here.

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