Unchanged viewability figures and slightly more ad fraud again in the third quarter

In the third quarter of 2022, Digital Ad Trust Switzerland measures unchanged visibility values. Ad fraud - after the significant decline in the previous quarter - has now risen again significantly to 1.56%.

In the third quarter of 2022, overall viewability across all formats was unchanged at 62.2%. The medium rectangle and the half-page ad on desktop, which already improved in the last quarter, now increased again with 3.8 and 2.3 percentage points, respectively. The Wideboard lost a lot of visibility, which is now only visible in 51.7% of all cases. The Mobile Rectangle lost to a similar extent as it had improved in the last quarter.


Ad Fraud (SIVT) at new high of 1.56%

According to Digital Ad Trust, the ad fraud rate rose again significantly in the third quarter after falling by 56% last quarter, and now stands at a new figure of 1.56% across all channels.

In an international comparison, however, this is still a low figure. According to IAS, the ad fraud rate in the USA was recently 2.1%, in Germany 2.6% and in Singapore as high as 4.1% on desktop advertising media.

Fire safety values increase at a low level

The brand safety values collected by IAS are found at a very low level of 0.16%, although the value has increased compared to the previous quarter.

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