Intervista study shows advertising impact after Corona

In a representative study, the market research institute Intervista surveyed the current advertising impact of numerous channels. The results should make it easier for advertisers and their agencies to select and combine advertising channels. What stands out is that advertising that appeals to several senses or is personally addressed has the most lasting effect.

The Corona pandemic significantly changed media consumption behavior. For the study, Intervista investigated which works channels had the strongest impact after the pandemic. The online survey aims to show how the different channels currently perform on the impact dimensions of popularity, attention, recall and activation.

Print products are the most popular

In terms of popularity, print products achieve the best values. Addressed mailings are the most popular, followed by brochure inserts. Out-of-home advertising and unaddressed mailings are also popular.

At the bottom of the rankings is advertising in apps, on search engines and on websites. "Although everyone is talking about digitalization and you might have the feeling that digital advertising is the new gold standard, physical advertising enjoys a higher level of acceptance among consumers - even among the younger generation," concludes Michael Schrackmann, a member of Intervista's Executive Board.

Attention: OOH advertising makes a comeback after pandemic

In terms of attention, an effect is evident that studies on advertising impact had already identified during the pandemic: Respondents continue to pay close attention to the media they mainly consume at home. TV advertising, addressed commercials and advertisements in newspapers and magazines performed particularly well. In contrast, Out of Home again enjoys the greatest attention after the pandemic.

Several of these channels not only stand out, but also achieve high values in terms of recall. In addition to addressed mailings, TV commercials, and advertisements, e-mail newsletters and brochure inserts in newspapers and magazines score highly here.

Activation through advertising channels

Personalized dialog marketing triggers the most buying impulses. According to the study, addressed mailings are the most important driver for purchase decisions, and e-mail newsletters the second most important. By contrast, advertising in the Internet environment, for example on websites or search engines, generates significantly fewer purchases.

"Despite the trend towards digitalization: online advertising media alone do not succeed in triggering the desired action," Helene Leuenberger, Research & Visualization Expert at Post Advertising, comments on this result. "Only the data-driven orchestration of analog and digital channels leads to the desired success. Such a cross-media mix has the strongest impact because each channel contributes its strengths and idiosyncrasies."

For the impact study, Intervista conducted an online survey on behalf of Post Advertising. In June 2022, 2,000 people between the ages of 18 and 80 from German-speaking and French-speaking Switzerland took part. The sample was representative of the population by age, gender and language region. The various advertising channels were surveyed in random order.

The Study booklet with all results of the impact study of Intervista can be found on the Knowledge platform "DirectPoint" from Post Advertising can be requested free of charge.

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