Swiss advertising market not affected by negative trend

New figures from Media Focus on the gross advertising market for the months January to September show a mixed picture in the DACH region, with Switzerland doing comparatively well.

New figures from Media Focus show how the markets in the DACH region developed: Although the gross advertising market in the DACH region increased slightly overall from January to September to EUR 29.3 billion (up 1.2 percent), growth in Switzerland was significantly higher than in Austria (up 0.7 percent), at 6 percent. In Germany, the total volume actually shrank by minus 1.3 percent to around 23.4 billion euros.

Swiss advertising market recovered quickly

While slight increases were still observed in all countries in the first few months of the year, gross advertising expenditure slumped for all countries in June (Germany: minus 5 percent, Austria: minus 9 percent, Switzerland: minus 1 percent). These negative trends continued in Austria and Germany through September. The Swiss advertising market, on the other hand, recovered quickly, growing by as much as 15 percent in August. The development of the individual advertising media shows a mixed mood in the D-A-CH region: In the print sector, Germany recorded a minus of 2.3 percent, Austria is close behind with minus 2.2 percent. Switzerland, on the other hand, achieved an increase of 2.5 percent in gross advertising print.

TV down slightly in Switzerland

The TV sector also showed a mixed performance. In Germany, for example, the figure was down 1.8 percent, in Austria up 2.4 percent, and in Switzerland down 1.0 percent. Compared to the previous year, gross advertising print on the Internet is down 3.6 percent in Germany, up 0.4 percent in Austria and up 28.8 percent in Switzerland. The changes in the out-of-home sector are also quite different in a country comparison. Germany, for example, achieved a plus of 2.8 percent, Austria a plus of 6.5 percent, and Switzerland an increase of 16.2 percent.

By contrast, the increase in gross advertising print on the radio was somewhat lower. In Germany, it was up 3.3 percent year on year. In Austria, it was up 3.4 percent, and in Switzerland, it was up 11.3 percent. The strongest increase in gross advertising pressure is in the cinema sector. Germany can report an increase of 387.1 percent, Austria a plus of 193 percent and Switzerland an increase of 151.2 percent.

The top 3 companies in Switzerland include the retailers Coop and Migros as well as Procter & Gamble.


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